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This is a decentralised open database of radical media projects. People can create a custom embed of any combination of subjects or categories and share it on their own and other people's websites.

To get the embed code simply click on the spanner icon and copy it into your website. A dynamic list of appropriate organisations will automatically be shared on your site.

To add a project you have to be a member. Click on the 'add new' button and your project will be added to a workflow queue and checked by a moderator before going live. Once it is live, it will automatically appear on all sites with the relevant embed code.

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STIR started as an online magazine and has now launched as a quarterly print magazine that features articles and interviews on the international co-operative movement, the emergence of the commons...

Novara Media

Media for a different politics.


At an International Level: Films For Action uses the power of film to raise awareness of important social, environmental, and media-related issues not covered by the mainstream news. Our goal is to...
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Campaign For The Protection of Rural Wales - Pembrokeshire

Campaign For The Protection of Rural Wales - Pembrokeshire ( New Window)

CPRW is a registered charity concerned with land use in Wales, CPRW Pembrokeshire is concerned with Pembrokeshire. We hold the land in trust for our children, in 2006 this is desperately important at a time of population growth, gross commercial pressure and an increasing lack of control of and information about planning decisions. With the proposed changes by the Wales Assembly and detailed and unaccountable legislation from the E.U. it is impossible for one person to keep up with all the changes, this site is to share information so that decisions can be examined in an informed manner. It will only be as good as its postings. Pembroke National Park, Pembrokeshire County Council, and Blairs devolution of control of SSIs and Conservation areas to local groups which may have enthusiasm but rarely have the knowledge to reach decisions about the competing priorities of access and use and their long term conservation. Pembroke Town has all these problems, in the past decisions have been made by dominating pressure groups often with no specialist knowledge. The result can be seen. The changes in process will destroy any historic or cultural value which may be left.

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