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Don't hate the media, be the media! The mainstream media is often at odds with ideas of equality, grassroots democracy and freedom. Yes there is free speech, but only if you own the newspaper. Yes there is a plurality of views, but only if you support making money. Mainstream media outlets are predominantly either businesses out to make money or government linked institutions. We like the democratic idea that all people are equal and get an equal say in how we should live our lives. But that say is informed by what the media chooses to tell us and how they frame events. There can never be a fully free system when a tiny handful of companies control access to information. But don't just hate this situation - put that energy into the alternatives; be the media! Be The Media is an aggregator website that collects news content from a number of collectives. Some of these of these collectives sites are Indymedia websites, some are radical news or media outlets, some campaign websites, some blogs.
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